AutoBlow 2

by Author

Do not miss out on the new and improved AutoBlow 2. Recently launched on August 2nd to stellar sales, this new model has a better fit, improved suction, and even more life like feeling. This should be in every mans tool box. Well not the tool box your guys friends at work see but the tool box you keep hidden from your lady. Yea, that tool box. Anyway check out the promo video below and click the link to access the new AutoBlow 2 website.

Bonus, they have 20% site wide promo going on. Don't miss out! 

Nootropics - Vitamins For The Brain

by Author

Nootropics is a foreign word for many. In its simplest form its vitamins for the brains, enhancers for some. Our favorite here is Noopept, a nootropic designed in Russia to help you relax, adapt better to social interactions, function better. For me, it actually helps me in social interactions (public speaking sucks) but its also helps me when it comes to speeches. Words just flow better when I'm on Nootropics. Ever seen the movie Limitless. It's like that but without all the killing at the end. Head over to and have a look around. Plus they do a way better job of explaining the science behind Nootropics.